Projects and Community Service

Since 1989 Montville UNICO has contributed over $1.5 Million to those in need. Charitable service is expanded through the Montville UNICO Foundation, which enthusiastically works to fulfill the community's needs through financial support or goods & services. Some projects the Foundation has supported are:

  • Financial support for terminally ill children
  • Relief fund for families affected by the World Trade Center disaster
  • Donations for disease research
  • Emergency payment of medical and utility bills
  • Grants for high school students
  • Holiday donations of gifts, food and clothing for needy families
  • Purchase of a van for an organization aiding the disabled
  • Labor and materials to adapt homes for the physically disabled
  • Donation of a defibrillator
  • Bulletproof vest program
  • Grants for Italian Studies
  • Tom Norton was supported with a $100 donation for his motorcycle ride from NJ to Washington, DC to honor fallen heroes.
  • We donated $800 to for three weeks at a special camp for a child with multiple disabilities
  • Over $12,000 was donated to help cover medical expenses for a Montville family
  • Over $9500 was donated for National Colleges Scholarships and vocational schools.
  • Paid the utilities expenses of a Rachel Garden resident who needed emergence financial assistance.
  • Distributed over 8000 turkeys in cooperation with the Turkey 4 U student group.
  • Purchased and distributed toys and gifts at Christmas to low income families, St. Peters Church and St Anne’s Church.

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"... please accept my sincere thanks for the gift I received from UNICO.
I truly appreciate your compassion and generosity."